Given that Entrepreneurial training is becoming increasingly important in academia and business, entrepreneurship is a de facto interdisciplinary area that has drawn significant attention over the years with consequent a lot of different frameworks/approaches.

entreTime consortium performed a benchmarking analysis on the most relevant programmes on entrepreneurship education in Europe and North America (54 entrepreneurship training packages) to identify success factors of the different approaches, new tools, and eventual gaps.

This analysis is further facilitated by the usage of the EntreComp (entrepreneurship competence) framework and European Training Foundation (ETF) good practices for interviews that enabled further data collection.

The results of this study show that Europe’s train- the-trainer programmes have the roots in similar methodologies but vary depending on their context. You can find a more exhaustive snapshot of this analysis and main outcomes within Hélice, quarterly Magazine of the Triple Helix Association, issue n.3, Volume 9 (2020)

A one-hour virtual workshop has been planned on June 15th 2020, early afternoon, as parallel session of the 18th International Triple Helix Conference “Future of innovation and innovation for future »

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The second HEInnovate webinar is taking a novel approach, combining dialogue, music and group discussions to engage participants. It will take place on Thursday, the 7th May at 5pm CEST. Register here…

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