The second entreTime training programme pilot was conducted between March 31st and June 16th. It was an exciting adventure that gathered participants from around the world working together to strengthen their competencies to promote a more entrepreneurial higher education and to reflect on innovative strategies to the challenges of universities.

The pilot was held by four European Institutions namely, Hochschule München University of Applied Sciences, in Germany, Tampere University of Applied Sciences in Finland, Swansea University, in Wales (UK), Junior Achievement Bulgaria, in Bulgaria. It was a joint effort with international and interdisciplinary teams and coaches and an excellent opportunity for meaningful networking.

Starting with the mote of “teaching through entrepreneurship” the training programme brought together more than 15 international experts, 9 coaches from the four countries who hosted the programme and diverse learning and interactive on platforms, in a true interactive blended learning approach.

The pandemic context set the opportunity to have participants from around the world, being represented by 19 countries, from India, Egypt and Chile to Italy, Portugal or Poland, apart from the participants from the hosting countries. The experience was enriched by the diversity of the scientific and academic backgrounds, ages, and years of experience.

The entreTime curriculum offered the participants an immersive journey through distinct themes related to the topic, webinars, workshops, and a blended learning phase with interactive sessions, complementing the shared knowledge during the sessions.

A total of 39 participants finished the programme with active participation throughout the program, the team challenges, entrepreneurial teaching project development, micro-challenges, MOOCs, attending to the online events and being engaged in intense and constructive networking. The overall feedback was very encouraging, reinforcing the relevance of the entrepreneurship of the demands for higher education institutions and society’s challenges nowadays and particularly in the future.It was an excellent test of the overall train-the-trainer programme and reassurance of the model that entreTime is proposing.

To learn more and get inspiration from some participants

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