Here you find the second entreTime-Newsletter.

The second entreTime training programme pilot was conducted between March 31st and June 16th. It was an exciting adventure that gathered participants from around the world working together to strengthen their competencies to promote a more entrepreneurial higher education and to reflect on innovative strategies to the challenges of universities.

The pilot was held by four European Institutions namely, Hochschule München University of Applied Sciences, in Germany, Tampere University of Applied Sciences in Finland, Swansea University, in Wales (UK), Junior Achievement Bulgaria, in Bulgaria. It was a joint effort with international and interdisciplinary teams and coaches and an excellent opportunity for meaningful networking.

Starting with the mote of “teaching through entrepreneurship” the training programme brought together more than 15 international experts, 9 coaches from the four countries who hosted the programme and diverse learning and interactive on platforms, in a true interactive blended learning approach.

The pandemic context set the opportunity to have participants from around the world, being represented by 19 countries, from India, Egypt and Chile to Italy, Portugal or Poland, apart from the participants from the hosting countries. The experience was enriched by the diversity of the scientific and academic backgrounds, ages, and years of experience.

The entreTime curriculum offered the participants an immersive journey through distinct themes related to the topic, webinars, workshops, and a blended learning phase with interactive sessions, complementing the shared knowledge during the sessions.

A total of 39 participants finished the programme with active participation throughout the program, the team challenges, entrepreneurial teaching project development, micro-challenges, MOOCs, attending to the online events and being engaged in intense and constructive networking. The overall feedback was very encouraging, reinforcing the relevance of the entrepreneurship of the demands for higher education institutions and society’s challenges nowadays and particularly in the future.It was an excellent test of the overall train-the-trainer programme and reassurance of the model that entreTime is proposing.

To learn more and get inspiration from some participants

After the deemed success of the first pilot ended on June 16th, the entreTime team has just launched the third edition of the pilot with 5 Higher Education Institutions formally engaged for training and guiding the participants.
With the aim to upskill educators, the entreTime training package offers novel validated methods and tools for stimulating the entrepreneurial spirit of students.
The 2-months pilot programme starts on October 6th, 2021 with a blended and experiential learning approach, giving access to the entreTime open-faculty platform and the lively educator community. For more info visit our webpage “upcoming pilot”.
Only 35 seats are available, apply now (registration open until August 20, 2021)

“We are thrilled, how much passion, creativity and curiosity the educators who attended as students this time, have shown in our training programme throughout the past three months” stated the entreTime team.

All this enthusiasm has been captured by a quote expressed during the Jubilation event “I really appreciated taking a step back from entrepreneurship as a tool to get startups on the road. It’s very narrow. To step back, get a bigger picture again and see that entrepreneurship is really so important in lots of different types of teaching and that we really need to address it – also to succeed in the future.”

With 44 registered participants from 10+ countries guided by 10 experienced entrepreneurship trainers, the three-month blended training programme ended with the final pitch on  June 16th. At this concluding event, 8 impact-driven entrepreneurship projects, composed of groups of educators,  presented their pitches, showing how they deployed the newest methods and tools learnt during the “teaching through entrepreneurship” course into practice.

We had some winners:

  • “The Gamers” with 7 participants from 7 countries. A gamification approach to teach entrepreneurial skills.
  • Followed by AfrEntX – an entrepreneurship education bridge between Munich and two major universities in Togo.

Now, all the participants are part of the entreTime Community!

Evidence indicates that developing an entrepreneurial mindset in people is a key factor for economic growth employment creation and sustainable local development. Through the cascading effect of knowledge transfer across all levels of society, entrepreneurial universities play a crucial role in spreading that mindset.

entreTime deployed a comprehensive train-the-trainer package for further developing the skills of educators within higher education institutions outside business schools and economic faculties.

By incorporating entrepreneurship into their teaching, educators can:

  • Contribute to the university’s Third Mission
  • Increase students’ employability and entrepreneurial opportunities
  • Empower their teaching methods with new pedagogical competences and tools for experiential learning

Through 2021 the training programme will be validated at 10 selected HEIs in Europe and Canada. The 3-months pilot programme starts on March 31st 2021.

To apply and learn more about the training course, visit the pilot programme webpage.

Here you find the first EntreTime-Newsletter.

On 17-18 September 2020, the first entreTime Train-the-Trainers program for Entrepreneurship was held at the Athens Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (ACEin), part of the Athens University of Economics and Business.

The vision behind the entreTime’s program is to train “all disciplines professors” and trainers, including those who do not have specific knowledge about entrepreneurship, to facilitate the adoption of new training methods/skills in their courses to develop Entrepreneurial Competences among the participants.

Starting from our philosophy which considers entrepreneurship as a unique pedagogical teaching method, the first Train-the-Trainers pilot comprised a series of lectures/workshops on new methods/tools for conceiving innovative ideas and developing an entrepreneurial mindset, delivered by acknowledged entrepreneurship experts.

Ms Dana Adriana Puia Morel, on behalf of the European Commission, highlighted the importance of developing entrepreneurial competences and mindset among students in Europe for creating economic and societal impact as well as achieving the goals of the Green Deal.

Over 37 participants (16 of them joined the conference remotely, due to COVID-19 restrictions) mostly from Universities throughout Greece both from technical departments and business ones (potential Train the Trainers), attended the two days training, including the Vice-Rectors of AUEB who declared the intention of the University to lead this new approach in the country for the development of Entrepreneurial Competences at the level of tertiary education.

Providing practical examples and exercises, the training grabbed the attention of participants “It gave me insights on how to infuse entrepreneurial thinking in courses not related to Entrepreneurship that I teach as well, for example, Operations and Quality Management” said Klas Eric Soderquist, Professor, Dept. of Management Science and Technology and Director, MBA International Program. The same positive reaction from predictionaries as Antonis Livieratos, Scientific Advisor at Archimedes (Center for Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship of NKUA), who has affirmed: “As startup mentor, I have realized that I am on the right track, this made me more confident while, on the other hand, I learned about new tools/methods that I can adopt when supporting companies or delivering training”. Besides, this has been also the opportunity for sharing methods/experiences with other ENT experts/professors across Greece.

A good start for fine-tuning the entreTime “stop and go” training programme curriculum based on EntreComp taxonomy and design our open faculty platform. The next pilots will be schedule in March-April.

Given that Entrepreneurial training is becoming increasingly important in academia and business, entrepreneurship is a de facto interdisciplinary area that has drawn significant attention over the years with consequent a lot of different frameworks/approaches.

entreTime consortium performed a benchmarking analysis on the most relevant programmes on entrepreneurship education in Europe and North America (54 entrepreneurship training packages) to identify success factors of the different approaches, new tools, and eventual gaps.

This analysis is further facilitated by the usage of the EntreComp (entrepreneurship competence) framework and European Training Foundation (ETF) good practices for interviews that enabled further data collection.

The results of this study show that Europe’s train- the-trainer programmes have the roots in similar methodologies but vary depending on their context. You can find a more exhaustive snapshot of this analysis and main outcomes within Hélice, quarterly Magazine of the Triple Helix Association, issue n.3, Volume 9 (2020)

A one-hour virtual workshop has been planned on June 15th 2020, early afternoon, as parallel session of the 18th International Triple Helix Conference “Future of innovation and innovation for future »

Please register for participating in the conference by May 24 to make use of the early-bird discount or at latest by 31 May 2020.

The second HEInnovate webinar is taking a novel approach, combining dialogue, music and group discussions to engage participants. It will take place on Thursday, the 7th May at 5pm CEST. Register here…