Today the entreTime consortium had its final management Meeting

The EU-funded initiative project had a very successful life cycle, as it was inspired by the EntreComp framework, aimed at upskilling HEI educators under the “teaching through entrepreneurship paradigm” worldwide. 🌎

entreTime as EU funded initiative is going to end but the online course validated across Europe will continue to be available on and will be published on the EU Academy platform.

 Hence, we invite all our followers to stay tuned by joining the EntreComp Community and following the EntreComp Synergies project.

Warm thanks to the Steering committee and EISMEA for the excellent coordination and support and to all partners and our pool of experts for their efforts in achieving such a successful outcome!

Here you find the fourth entreTime-Newsletter.

The Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship at the HM Hochschule München University of Applied Sciences, is launching in partnership with BAYZIEL, the Bavarian Center for Innovation in Teaching, a new certification programme for educators of Bavarian higher education institutions.

Upskilling educators in innovative methods is central to Bayziel, who through the new partnership aims to offer high quality and innovative certification to equip educators with entrepreneurship competences and upskill them with the didatics to teach through entrepreneurship.

The new certification will launch in the summer semester 2023 and is powered by the entreTime toolkit.

entreTime as EU funded initiative is going to end but its resources, validated across Europe, will be made available to the public within the EU academy platform, the EU-owned online hub containing high-quality educational resources and insights, directly produced by the EU institutions, for external professionals working at the interface between EU policy and its implementation.

In line with its philosophy, the platform becomes the reference point for a compelling learning experience to develop skills and sharing know-how by:

  • Offering a single entry point world-class e-learning platform, providing high-quality resources co-designed with the content owner
  • Promoting serendipitous open discovery.
  • Co-delivering of an ambitious programme of strategic and curated on and off-line events to publicize the training resources

After 20 months, the EU academy has successfully closed the validation phase and it is now ready to host valuable training resources.

We invite you to visit our website , sign up and , using our intuitive user interface, search among the topics the training resources that better fit your needs.

The entreTime Train the Trainer programme will be soon one of the resources available in the Academy, ready for being embedded in your teaching activity.

Until then, you can continue to benefit from the entreTime programme toolkit on our original website . Enjoy our learning offer!

The case history based on the learnings from the entreTime programme won the 8th Innovation & Entrepreneurship Teaching Excellence Awards as the practice with the most creative approach to teaching innovation & Entrepreneurship.

This achievement confirms the value the entreTime Train the Trainer programme, which is inspired by the EntreComp framework, delivered to the over 100 educators who attended the 3 pilots. The winning case study stated participants high level of satisfaction when the programme ended (PsE), and high levels of perceived usefulness several months after completion (FuE). T

The ease of putting into practice the acquired know-how shows that a clear value was recognised by the participants, which encouraged us to deploy new future versions of the entreTime Basic and Advanced upskilling programmes.

The whole case history is published in the ECIE proceedings Available on

Starting in February 2020, despite the early days of the Pandemic, the entreTime team has followed its ambition of proposing a novel methodological approach to upskilling Higher Education educators to boosting entrepreneurial mindsets – their own and  of their students.

Valorising the EntreComp framework, the “teaching through entrepreneurship paradigm” embraces experiential learning to build skills and attitudes such as resilience, problem-solving, empathy, teamwork, communication, self-efficacy, adaptability, and alertness.

We strongly believe that entrepreneurship is an excellent tool with which to equip students to help them generate socio-economic impact and take responsibility for the future and a better world.

Within 2 and a half years of we conclude the project with the following achievements:

  • Deployment of a train-the-trainer package including a 7-module open access online course supported by Quizzes, reflection exercises andaccompanying slide-decks for each module, and a handbook on how to replicate the entreTime programme using the toolkit;
  • Delivery of 3 pilot cohort programmes that validated the toolkit;
  • Engagement of over 100 Higher Education educators from around the world
  • Organisation of the entreTime dialogue series “Time to foster your entrepreneurial mindset” in collaboration with leading initiatives in the entrepreneurial education domain to disseminate the toolkit
  • Set the ground for the future uptake of entreTime resources by preparing handbooks and recommendations for effectively embedding our methodological approach in the operational environment
  • 1st place in the 8Th Innovation & Entrepreneurship Teaching Excellence Award (Cyprus, September 2022)

It was a great experience for all the entreTime partners and external experts, after many months of online working, to share the progress and achieve the ambitious goal!

Despite the COVID limitations, this initiative has been a real pleasure for everyone, and the stimulating exchange among peers around the globe has been recognised as a great value! We hope the future beneficiaries of our resources will recognize this enthusiasm and that this will be an incentive to further strengthen the entrepreneurial culture and the collaboration between the different actors.

Click on the image to watch a video explaining entreTime with testimonials from former participants:

You are cordially invited to attend the Start for Future Summit at HM on November 23-24, hosted by our international partner consortium Start for Future (SFF), co-driven by HM and SCE. The Summit is aimed at participants from academia, industry, startups, as well as policy & change makers, ecosystem representatives, scientists and innovation enthusiasts.You can find all the information about the SFF Summit on the You can register here: for one of the two days or for both days. In the flyer you will also find a summary of the

What awaits the participants:

Day 1: New European Innovation Agenda & European Innovation Ecosystems.

We are particularly pleased to welcome as keynote speaker and panelist EU Commissioner Mariya Gabriel (European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth) . She will present in her keynote the New European Innovation Agenda presented in July 2022 to position Europe at the forefront of a new wave of deep tech innovation and start-ups. The core goal here is to develop new technologies to address society’s most pressing challenges and bring them to market.

  • … learn more about the new flagship European innovation initiative and about the development and interconnection of innovation ecosystems (so-called Deep Tech Valleys) in Europe
  • … Meet leading start-ups, industry and ecosystem representatives and policy makers in Europe
  • … gain insights and access to the international ecosystem association Start for Future (SFF)
  • … explore with us upcoming trends and opportunities of the European innovation ecosystems, the “Deep Tech Valleys”
  • … listen to exciting pitches from nominees for the Strascheg Award, the HM Innovation Competition and watch the Award Ceremony. New this year is the fourth category to honor international submissions from the SFF Ecosystem
  • … meet exciting personalities, policy makers, start-up champions, investors and innovators, academics and industry representatives from all over Europe

Day 2: Business Innovation through Co-Creation

Day 2 is all about practical collaboration between startups, deep tech valleys and industry partners. Here we will dive into co-creation workshops and 1-1 match-making sessions.

  • … Exchange ideas with experts on business innovation and business development strategies.
  • …Collaborating on innovation challenges with other participants from startups, industry and academia
  • …Expanding your network of universities, industry partners, innovators, investors, policy makers and startup champions from Germany and across Europe.

The upcoming Summit is Start for Future’s first large-scale co-creation gathering. It will showcase a sustainable, democratic and scalable model for future-oriented and long-term collaboration and lay the foundation for the creation of a new corporate form for Start for Future as a European Cooperative Society. 

Secure your free ticket now for Day 1, Day 2 or both days and register now here to attend the SFF Summit: to application for a free ticket.

Our entrepreneurship education service aimed at upskilling both entrepreneurship and non-entrepreneurship educators within higher education institutions, upgrading their pedagogical tools, competences and entrepreneurial mindset with a comprehensive training package, won the first place as the good practice with the most creative approach to teaching innovation & Entrepreneurship at the 8th Innovation & Entrepreneurship Teaching Excellence Awards, hosted within the ECIE conference on September 15th. Additional confirmation of the value of the entreTime Train the Trainer programme inspired by the EntreComp framework and already validated with over 100 educators across the globe.

Congratulation to the whole entreTime Team!

An international audience joined the final entreTime dialogue to start thinking about how to apply the entreTime toolkit to their teaching practice in their world.

The workshop opened with a short introduction from Dana Adriana Puia morel, a representative from the European Commission, DG Growth.

The need for further investing in creating a favourable entrepreneurship culture, stimulating the proper mindset among young students, and potential future leaders, has been strongly remarked.

Following the testimonial stories of two participants of entreTime cohorts, breakout room conversations engaged participants in discussion about the challenges they are addressing and reflections around embedding the entreTime approach into their daily activity focusing on the following questions:

  • what are the key dilemmas that you are addressing in the future?
  • what is your call to action in your work, your institution, and your ecosystem?
  • what is your ‘call to action’ regarding the application of the entreTime toolkit from several points of view?
  • what support are you going to ask for from whom?’

Besides the individual call to action, the need for dedicated initiatives, and incentive schemes to encourage the adoption of the “teaching through entrepreneurship” approach has been pointed.

This final event, which closed the entreTime dialogue series started in May, was also the opportunity to launch a new edition o to be conducted in either fall of 2022 or early 2023.

We are now collecting interest for this. if you would like to participate or be informed about a new edition of entreTime, please pre-register here

An international audience of 68 joined this webinar to explore how to grow ecosystems for entrepreneurship and learn about the entreTime toolkit for educators. The webinar opened with a short scene-setting presentation from Klaus Sailer, the CEO of Strascheg Centre for Entrepreneurship and the coordinator of the entreTime initiative.

Klaus highlighted, that old-fashioned attitudes in teaching entrepreneurship sometimes still persist, focusing predominantly on theoretical skills such as how to write a business plan. A more constructive approach lies in active and practical teaching equipping students with the skills, competences and experience they need to be able to address today’s challenges and the requirements of complex work environments. Entrepreneurship can be key to meeting these needs, but educators themselves must be trained in entrepreneurial competences in order to teach their students effectively.

Read more and watch the recording of the webinar.