The entreTime Train the Trainers Pilot

Application Closed!

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entreTime is a new entrepreneurship education initiative aimed at upskilling educators within higher education.

Following our specific philosophy “teaching through entrepreneurship”, a pool of experienced professionals in the domain has developed the 2-months train-the-trainer programme, now launched as a pilot.

The entreTime training programme is an excellent learning experience for improving your personal development, understanding the value of entrepreneurial competences as practical life skills, triggering entrepreneurial spirit and societal responsibility among enterprising students.


  • Get inspired by the experience to enrich your teaching “through entrepreneurship”;
  • Get a deep dive into a new experiential learning/teaching style with new tools, cases;
  • Learn from real-life experience with your peers and entrepreneurship practitioners
  • Be part of an international community of educators interested in entrepreneurship as a method

Target Groups

  • All educators in higher education who want to teach entrepreneurship or who want to include entrepreneurship activities in their courses to improve the entrepreneurial mindset of students;
  • Entrepreneurship educators interested in further enriching their portfolio with novel tools and inspiring cases


Pilot Institutions

Throughout 2021 the basic level of the training programme will be validated in the field at 10 selected Higher Education Institutions in Europe. 5 Institutions will start their pilot programme on October 6, 2021.

Each institution has 7 seats for the free pilot testing.

Choose the institution where you would like to register for the pilot:

  • Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal
  • Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Barbara Coelho Gabriel

Registration is open until August 20th, 2021. By September 7 latest you will receive a notification from the pilot organizers whether you have been selected. You will also be sent further information about the detailed programme and calendar invitations for the different activities. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact the coordinator of the pilot that you wish to join.


The entreTime the train-the-trainer programme includes:

    • modular, interactive, blended learning “stop and go” path based on the latest methods/tools;
    • coaching by acknowledged/experienced entrepreneurship professionals;
    • a support system to develop your entrepreneurship teaching approach ready to be implemented.
    • Experiential learning with Micro- and Macro-Challenges
    • Storytelling, peer learning & self-reflection

Programme Topics/Content

In entreTime we define entrepreneurship in a holistic and transdisciplinary way, which includes personal development as well as the creation of innovative projects and start-ups. As an international programme, it also encourages transcending national borders and building an inspiring network of educators for the long term.

The programme will cover:

  • Relevance and value of entrepreneurial universities
  • Value of entrepreneurship teaching for non-entrepreneurship educators
  • Entrepreneurial Personality and Teams
  • Introduction to the EntreComp Framework 
  • Pedagogy, Self-Reflection
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset + Personality
  • Innovation, Creativity, Opportunity Spotting
  • Systemic Thinking, Ecosystems, Networks
  • Intrapreneurship, Co-Creation, Business Modelling
  • Responsibility, Ethics, Sustainability, SDGs
  • Communication, Coaching, Storytelling

Expected Results:

Empower enterprising individuals for societal responsibility, grow your international network amongst educators and entrepreneurship experts, understand the value and opportunities of entrepreneurial thinking.



What does it mean that this is a pilot programme?

entreTime is an initiative funded by the European Commission aimed at upgrading the skills and pedagogical tools of educators within higher education institutions in the entrepreneurship domain.

This train-the-trainer programme is the core of this initiative. It has been developed by a pool of experienced and acknowledged experts in the field of entrepreneurship education in Europe as well as overseas.

To make this full-fledged training package fully compliant with educators’ expectations it will be tested with 10 different partner institutions across the EU. The last pilot programme has ended on June 16th. See more info about it and the main outcomes on the “Previous Pilots & Testimonials” page.

What does a workload of 75 hours mean?

This is an estimation of the time you will need to invest during the course of the 2-month programme. You will have to a) attend the events, b) complete the online course, c) submit self-reflection, evaluation tasks and small challenges (micro-challenges) and d) participate in a team project.

What is the team project?

During the first workshop, we will collect participants’ ideas for innovative teaching formats. 4-6 project ideas will be then voted on and the participants will join a team. During the course of the programme, the idea should be developed into a sustainable business model. An entrepreneurial coach will assist the team in the team-building process and by guiding through questions and reflection tasks. In the final workshop, each team will get to present their project in an 8-minute pitch.

How are online sessions delivered?

The online sessions will be delivered through a browser-based MOOC platform. Digital life sessions are hosted with an online video conferencing tool. You will get the access links in advance.

Can I skip some of the sessions?

Participation in all sessions is required. Exceptions can be granted based on prior notification.

How to prepare for the programme?

There is nothing you have to prepare. Once you are selected as a participant, you will receive an email with further instructions. In the introductory webinar, in October, the programme will be explained in detail.

Will I receive a certificate?

If a participant is actively engaged in all elements of the entreTime programme, he/she will receive a certificate for successful attendance.

What about the advanced level? How can I join it?

The advanced level is not part of the pilot. But with being a participant of the pilot we can give you a notice when the advanced level is ready to start.

What is the role of the entrepreneurial coaches during the programme?

Participants will form small groups to work on entrepreneurial challenges. This process will be guided by coaches. Coaches are wisely selected and appreciated experts/professionals/educators in the entrepreneurship field. They receive training on coaching methodology and tools. They also attend parts of the programme such as the Workshop, the Webinars during the blended learning phase and the final Workshop.

The total workload of a coach is approximately 40 hours.

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