“We are thrilled, how much passion, creativity and curiosity the educators who attended as students this time, have shown in our training programme throughout the past three months” stated the entreTime team.

All this enthusiasm has been captured by a quote expressed during the Jubilation event “I really appreciated taking a step back from entrepreneurship as a tool to get startups on the road. It’s very narrow. To step back, get a bigger picture again and see that entrepreneurship is really so important in lots of different types of teaching and that we really need to address it – also to succeed in the future.”

With 44 registered participants from 10+ countries guided by 10 experienced entrepreneurship trainers, the three-month blended training programme ended with the final pitch on  June 16th. At this concluding event, 8 impact-driven entrepreneurship projects, composed of groups of educators,  presented their pitches, showing how they deployed the newest methods and tools learnt during the “teaching through entrepreneurship” course into practice.

We had some winners:

  • “The Gamers” with 7 participants from 7 countries. A gamification approach to teach entrepreneurial skills.
  • Followed by AfrEntX – an entrepreneurship education bridge between Munich and two major universities in Togo.

Now, all the participants are part of the entreTime Community!

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