Evidence indicates that developing an entrepreneurial mindset in people is a key factor for economic growth employment creation and sustainable local development. Through the cascading effect of knowledge transfer across all levels of society, entrepreneurial universities play a crucial role in spreading that mindset.

entreTime deployed a comprehensive train-the-trainer package for further developing the skills of educators within higher education institutions outside business schools and economic faculties.

By incorporating entrepreneurship into their teaching, educators can:

  • Contribute to the university’s Third Mission
  • Increase students’ employability and entrepreneurial opportunities
  • Empower their teaching methods with new pedagogical competences and tools for experiential learning

Through 2021 the training programme will be validated at 10 selected HEIs in Europe and Canada. The 3-months pilot programme starts on March 31st 2021.

To apply and learn more about the training course, visit the pilot programme webpage.

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