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entreTime inspirational stories

Why embracing entrepreneurship in your teaching? What benefits you can get by attending the entreTime train-the-trainer programme?

Listen to what some of the participants of our first “enrich your teaching through entrepreneurship” pilot programme say about the entreTime offering and its added values.


Gosia Mitka

Mirjana Grčić Fabić


Priyanka Sharma

Stefan Schulte-Holthaus

Hanan Ahmad

“During this programme I have gained a lot more confidence. I have been involved in entrepreneurship for a while but now I have the confidence to launch a new course. I am going to dedicate myself to young women entrepreneurs”.

Carolina Escállon Wey – Consultant for WWF Columbia

“I really appreciated to take a step back from entrepreneurship as a tool to get startups on the road. It’s very narrow. In taking a step back, you get a bigger picture again. You  see that entrepreneurship is very important in lots of different types of teaching and we really need to include it in our classes to succeed in the future.”

Ulrike Faye – Mannheim University of Applied Sciences, MARS Startup Center –  Germany

The perspective of an entreTime participant at the start of the programme

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