Our offer

Our approach

entreTime’s methodology embraces experiential learning to build skills and attitudes such as problem-solving, human empathy, teamwork, communication, self-efficacy, adaptability, alertness, tenacity, and resilience adopting and valorizing the EntreComp framework.

We will focus on four primary domains of entrepreneurship:

  • personal empowerment, development, and growth, behavioural sciences and neuro entrepreneurship
  • fostering competences for start-up venturing, co-creation and employability
  • entrepreneurial action within an organisational (intrapreneurship, open innovation) and broader societal context (triple helix, quadruple helix)
  • social entrepreneurship (social innovation, change-making)

Services & Activities

  • modular, interactive, blended learning “stop and go” training programme curriculum based on EntreComp taxonomy/framework
  • open faculty platform which will also provide a multilingual toolkit (tools, library, materials and course building tools for tailored entrepreneurship student courses) and online co-creation services for networking (staff exchange) and joint activities.
  • pilots across the EU engaging at least 60 educators from at least 10 different HEIs
  • development of a European brand for the initiative to foster recognition of the European value of the teaching material among the final beneficiaries (students)
  • dissemination to a wide international audience (around 300 potential users and decision-makers are expected to join our yearly events) and maximization of the outreach in synergies with previous EU funded initiatives in the field, all with already well-recognized brands
  • formation of a strong international living community of educators that can also share knowledge, experience via staff exchange and opportunities of joint activities and networking

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