Time to foster your entrepreneurial mindset

entreTime is launching a series of dialogue events “Time to foster your entrepreneurial mindset” in collaboration with leading initiatives in the entrepreneurial education domain.

The four online workshops will contribute to the dialogue on how to move towards more resilient communities and conducive ecosystems for entrepreneurial culture.

Participation is free of charge.

To stay informed about detailed programmes and registration procedures, we invite you to follow us on LinkedIn and to get in touch with us through the “Contact Us” form for any eventual clarification.

July 7 2022 – Final entreTime dialogue: how do we invite the future to change now? Calls to Action

This is the 4th (and final) in a series of 4 workshops designed to help you on developing the ‘call to action’ around entrepreneurship education for yourself and for your local learning community.


Moderator: Andrew Harrison (Learning Studio)

17.00 – 17.10 Welcome by Ms. Dana Adriana Puia Morel, representative from the European Commission, DG GROW

17.10 – 17.30  Overview of the entreTime experience

17.30 – 18.30 Introduction to the entreTime online toolkit and peer working groups to develop own “call for action”

18.30 – 18.55 Feedback & reflection from participants on the ‘calls to action’

18.55 – 19.00 Closing remarks – highlight the access arrangements for entreTime materials

June 30th 2022 – Growing & spreading ecosystems to support entrepreneurship

To explore the scaling of systems and cross-boundary networks, entreTime and HEInnovate have organised a one-hour event to share practices on how HEIs could contribute for strenghtening & amplifying the conditions to support further an entrepreneurial culture.


The webinar will be moderated by Andrew Harrison (learning studio, UK) and will entail three parts:

(1) Overview of the entreTime experience – telling the story of entreTime – what we expected to do; what we did; what we have learnt from this. What do we think the experience means for practice?

(2) Fishbowl discussion about how entreTime can contribute to the growing and spreading of ecosystems to support entrepreneurship. The participants are members of the consortium and former participants and coaches of the entreTime programme:

  • Klaus Sailer, Professor at University of Applied Sciences Munich and CEO of Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship, Germany, member of the entreTime consortium
  • Bárbara Gabriel, Deputy-Dean for Internationalisation at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Aveiro, Portugal
  • Louisa Huxtable-Thomas, Associate Professor in the School of Management at Swansea University, UK
  • Gosia Mitka, Associate Dean for Education (Arts and Divinity) at the the University of St Andrews, UK, participant of the entreTime pilot programme
  • Sven SterzenbachProfessor at University of Applied Sciences Munich, Germany, participant and coach of the entreTime pilot programme

(3) Interactive session – feedback and reflection by the audience

June 3rd 2022 Making & changing minds as the basis for designing innovation

To practice exchange between peers, entreTime has organised this first virtual event  in collaboration with Start for Future, a co-developed programme initiated by European Universities, reinforced by the EUAcceL and Tandem+ Consortium and EIT Urban Mobility and EIT Manufacturing.

May 19th 2022 How do we nurture & sustain resilient learning communities? 12-2.00 pm

To share the entreTime experience on how to embrace entrepreneurship in teaching and reflect on design principles and maxims for innovating in the establishment & maintenance of learning resilient communities, entreTime has organised this first virtual event  in collaboration with EntreComp Synergies project.


Moderator: Andrew Harrison from entreTime

12.00 – 12.10 Arrivals and welcome
12.10 – 12.30 Overview of the entreTime experience
12.30 – 12.45 Peer sessions: innovating in the establishment & maintenance of learning communities
12.45 – 1.25 Fishbowl conversation with the contribution of key experts from entreTime and EntreComp Synergies consortia:

1.25 – 1.45 Peer sessions:  the ‘maxims’ and guiding principles for nurturing & sustaining resilient learning communities in your own working context.

1.45 – 2.00 Share ‘maxims’ Closing remarks

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