Starting in February 2020, despite the early days of the Pandemic, the entreTime team has followed its ambition of proposing a novel methodological approach to upskilling Higher Education educators to boosting entrepreneurial mindsets – their own and  of their students.

Valorising the EntreComp framework, the “teaching through entrepreneurship paradigm” embraces experiential learning to build skills and attitudes such as resilience, problem-solving, empathy, teamwork, communication, self-efficacy, adaptability, and alertness.

We strongly believe that entrepreneurship is an excellent tool with which to equip students to help them generate socio-economic impact and take responsibility for the future and a better world.

Within 2 and a half years of we conclude the project with the following achievements:

  • Deployment of a train-the-trainer package including a 7-module open access online course supported by Quizzes, reflection exercises andaccompanying slide-decks for each module, and a handbook on how to replicate the entreTime programme using the toolkit;
  • Delivery of 3 pilot cohort programmes that validated the toolkit;
  • Engagement of over 100 Higher Education educators from around the world
  • Organisation of the entreTime dialogue series “Time to foster your entrepreneurial mindset” in collaboration with leading initiatives in the entrepreneurial education domain to disseminate the toolkit
  • Set the ground for the future uptake of entreTime resources by preparing handbooks and recommendations for effectively embedding our methodological approach in the operational environment
  • 1st place in the 8Th Innovation & Entrepreneurship Teaching Excellence Award (Cyprus, September 2022)

It was a great experience for all the entreTime partners and external experts, after many months of online working, to share the progress and achieve the ambitious goal!

Despite the COVID limitations, this initiative has been a real pleasure for everyone, and the stimulating exchange among peers around the globe has been recognised as a great value! We hope the future beneficiaries of our resources will recognize this enthusiasm and that this will be an incentive to further strengthen the entrepreneurial culture and the collaboration between the different actors.

Click on the image to watch a video explaining entreTime with testimonials from former participants:

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