An international audience joined the final entreTime dialogue to start thinking about how to apply the entreTime toolkit to their teaching practice in their world.

The workshop opened with a short introduction from Dana Adriana Puia morel, a representative from the European Commission, DG Growth.

The need for further investing in creating a favourable entrepreneurship culture, stimulating the proper mindset among young students, and potential future leaders, has been strongly remarked.

Following the testimonial stories of two participants of entreTime cohorts, breakout room conversations engaged participants in discussion about the challenges they are addressing and reflections around embedding the entreTime approach into their daily activity focusing on the following questions:

  • what are the key dilemmas that you are addressing in the future?
  • what is your call to action in your work, your institution, and your ecosystem?
  • what is your ‘call to action’ regarding the application of the entreTime toolkit from several points of view?
  • what support are you going to ask for from whom?’

Besides the individual call to action, the need for dedicated initiatives, and incentive schemes to encourage the adoption of the “teaching through entrepreneurship” approach has been pointed.

This final event, which closed the entreTime dialogue series started in May, was also the opportunity to launch a new edition o to be conducted in either fall of 2022 or early 2023.

We are now collecting interest for this. if you would like to participate or be informed about a new edition of entreTime, please pre-register here

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