Considering Entrepreneurship as the capacity to act upon opportunities and ideas to create value (social, cultural, financial), in the EntreComp framework resilience is a core component of “motivation and perseverance”, one of the 15 entrepreneurial competences.

It is acknowledged that to be determined to go further with achieving long term aims, it is crucial also to “be resilient under pressure, adversity, and temporary failure”.

Resilience is becoming even much more relevant in the post-covid world characterized by pervasive technology and fast-changing scenario/societal issues.

A recent multiple case study carried out among a sample of university students analysed entrepreneurial resilience, as a multidimensional construct that involves social, cultural and psychological processes.

Moving towards a border construction of entrepreneurial resilience, not limited to the business dimension, but as the capacity to face, overcome and project oneself in the future, the study has demonstrated that it is built through intrapersonal and exopersonal processes and outlined a comprehensive model in emerging adulthood to face adversity and build life projects.

Here the full paper:

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