On the 2nd of December, the last workshop of the third entreTime training programme occurred.

With an optimized dynamic provided by the learnings of the previous two pilots, a group of motivated and committed participants from different institutions and realities worked together towards a more entrepreneurial mindset during eight weeks.

The 3rd pilot was held by five European Institutions, the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship, in Germany, Queen’s University Belfast in Northern Ireland, Lulea University of Technology in Sweden, J.J. Strossmayer University in Osijek in Croatia and University of Aveiro in Portugal.

More than one hundred registrations, a reserve list of participants interested in joining and participants that weren’t selected but asked for access to the platform resources, the first webinar gathered the 35 participants selected. Beginning on the 6th of October, 35 participants joined the international teams and had the opportunity to learn and to share through different formats and resources: from webinars, workshops, project development, MOOCs, LoopMe, with a combination of theory, hands-On and feedback, setting and providing the optimal environment for learning.

The 25 participants experienced and completed an immersive journey with the aim of upskilling and upgrading their pedagogical tools by providing a comprehensive training package with several international experts and with the support of 7 coaches from the five countries that promoted this cohort.

The entreTime training following the previous pilot format was held fully online allowing the participation of educators from different countries besides the hosting ones of the pilot, as from South Africa, Mozambique and Belgium, allowing a richer experience considering the cultural, scientific and personal diversity of each.

The third pilot emphasised the relevance of the training to improve and boost the entrepreneurial mindset in Higher Education Institutions and the quality of the entreTime model of teaching through entrepreneurship.

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